From Breastfeeding Woes to IVF Bruises: Every Time Amy Schumer Got Candid About Motherhood on Instagram

When She Tried to Hang On to Every Second

Moms know that the worst part about having a baby is watching them grow up too quickly! 

Schumer posted a photo of her in the pool with Gene, captioning the sweet photo, “I don’t want this age to end HELP!” 

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When She Gave In to the Chaos

Life with a toddler isn’t easy, especially when said toddler manages to get the family dog on his side! 

In a video posted to Instagram, Gene goes over to his mom and attempts to take some of her food. “Get outta here, Oliver Twist,” she jokes to Gene, who’s wearing the cutest overalls. “You had your milk!” That’s when Gene gets the family’s dog on his side. Schumer’s pup, Tati, gives a little growl, which encourages Gene to do the same. Soon, both Gene and Tati are begging for food, prompting Schumer to say, “Everybody get away from me,” but eventually giving in and sharing her snack with Gene. 

“I’ve lost all control,” she captioned the video. 

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When She Joked About the Real SAG Awards

In a sweaty selfie with her husband, Chris, Schumer wrote, “3 months after a C playing doubles volleyball for 90 minutes!”

She added, “And I want to recommend being a parent if you can. It’s nuts.”

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When She Snuck in Some Cuddles Before Heading Back to Work 

It’s not easy for working moms to leave their child, and Schumer is no exception. The comedian shared this photo of her napping with Gene and her dog, Tati, saying, “Back to work this week. Feeling like 😳💔😢😀.”

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