These IRL Moms Prove the Sheer Accuracy of SNL's Relatable 'I Got a Robe' Christmas Sketch

These real-life moms are living proof of Saturday Night Live's Christmas morning accuracy.

Earlier this month, SNL aired a sketch with host Kristen Wiig portraying a mother forced to be enthusiastic over a new robe while her kids and husband unwrapped extravagant, enviable presents under the tree. Wiig's mom character also jokes about being the only one with an empty stocking.

"I got a robe," she repeats in the musical skit, adding in a rap as she lets on her slight disappointment: "Thanks for the robe, it's really, really nice. I love this robe, guys, this is great."

"Your mom does everything for the family," a narrator is heard saying as Wiig drinks a glass of wine on the couch at the end of the clip. "This year, get her more than one present. Moms like stuff too."

On Tuesday, the Today show shared tweets from various moms who posted photos of the robes they received, confirming the comedy series' take on the holiday. Fans also commented on an SNL tweet, in which the show wrote, "Merry Christmas to all the moms out there who got a robe!"

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'I Got a Robe': SNL's Christmas Skit with Kristen Wiig Is Relatable to Moms on So Many Levels 

"Love my robe. The @nbcsnl skit did make my teen boys think hard on more gifts, so jewelry and chocolate were also under the tree! #MerryChristmas," wrote one Twitter user, while another tweeted, "My family hid the rest of my presents until I opened my robe."

"Guess what? I got a robe. Here I am wearing my robe with a cold coffee and a garbage bag full of everyone else's wrapping paper I bent down to pick up. @nbcsnl #snl #kristenwiig #christmasmorning," another person hilariously shared.

"Oh I can top this," added one Twitter user, "….a robe. Wrong size. Back ordered until March. It's ok fam, I love you anyway. It was clearly all worth it. @nbcsnl @LLBean"

During the segment on the Today broadcast Tuesday, co-host Dylan Dreyer admitted she could relate to the SNL sketch in at least one way. "I was actually going to take a picture because, no I didn't get a robe, but I was the only one with an empty Christmas stocking," said the mom of two.

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