'Tis the Season! Lisa Stelly's Best Holiday Gifts for Moms

Cheers to That

“Anything Glitterville Studios makes, I want,” says Stelly. “This set of colorful cocktail glasses is really something special!”

She adds, “From ornaments to handmade crafts and serve ware, you should easily be able to find a great gift on this site!”

Buy It! Glitterville Studios Colorful Cocktails ($48)

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So Sweet

“This Vintage Dream Gift Box from Fancy Sprinkles is the ultimate retro holiday cookie decorating set,” says Stelly of her line.

“It comes with three of the top selling original sprinkle blends, plus 3 jars of Prism Powder — the most epic edible glitter!” she adds. “You can even put it in champagne to make it sparkle. It makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves baking — or just likes pretty things!”

Buy It! Fancy Sprinkles Vintage Dream Gift Box ($75)

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Go for the Gold

“If you’re big into jewelry like me, this staple bracelet by Ring Concierge is one of my favorites,” she shares. “I’m kind of obsessed with gold chains right now, and bracelets are harder to take on and off — so for this reason I recommend fine jewelry on the wrist, so it doesn’t really tarnish or fade.”

Adds Stelly, “This herringbone chain bracelet is as chic as it gets. It looks good whether you’re wearing leggings or jeans!”

Buy It! Ring Concierge Herringbone Bracelet ($298)

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It’s a Wrap

“I got this faux fur blanket from Donna Salyers Fabulous Furs five years ago and it still looks brand new,” says Stelly. “It’s the softest thing you’ve ever felt.”

“Anyone who touches it asks me where it’s from,” she says. “It was truly worth every penny. I have one on my bed and one on the couch. I can’t sleep without it!”

Buy It! Ivory Mink Faux Fur Throw Fabulous Furs Ivory Mink Faux Fur Throw ($329 and up)

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Plant Life

“So far, I’ve bought three different planters from this pottery artist on Etsy,” says Stelly. “ERINMCdesign, out of Portland, Oregon, makes custom painted planters that are super cute.”

She adds, “I basically use them as decorative pieces throughout my house. They’re very well made and unique!”

Buy It! ErinMCdesign Black Squiggles Shapes Ceramic Planter ($50)

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No Sweat

“The detail and level of care that goes into these sweatshirts is unmatched. I love this small, woman owned business!” says Stelly. “There are so many different custom embroidered sweatshirts to choose from. These really make an excellent gift.”

Buy It! I Stole My Boyfriend’s Shirt Washed Navy Vintage Sweats ($175)

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Holiday Bling

“I’ve gotten so many compliments on this necklace! One of my favorite craft jewelers out of Texas, Grace Personalized on Etsy makes the cutest pieces,” says Stelly.

“They’re really affordable, great quality and make great gifts. My dangle SKYLAR necklace I got from here is my fav piece to date. It wears so well. I never take it off!”

Buy It! GracePersonalized Custom Letter Necklace ($41)

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So Fresh, So Clean

“I have strangely become addicted to Urban Outfitters online home section,” she jokes. “They have the cutest, and quirkiest things! This peach bath mat is such a fun gift. It’s a great gift for someone who loves color!”

Buy It! Urban Outfitters Peachy Clean Bat Mat ($39)

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Butter Me Up

“I love a good realistic food ornament,” she says. “In fact, I collect them.”

“I saw this stick of butter and had to have it,” explains Stelly. “It’s so fun to receive a new food ornament every year, and I really enjoy gifting them as well! I gave my sister the Cody Foster Caviar ornament last year, and it was a big hit!”

Buy It! Cody Foster & Co. Stick of Butter Ornament ($17)

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Glow Up

“Boy Smells is perhaps my favorite candle company of all time,” she says. “I love their edgy names and scents.”

“My current fav is their ‘Slow Burn’ Kasey Musgraves collab candle,” adds Stelly. “As a mom, it’s important for me to have things that are just MINE — and this candle makes me happy.”

Buy It! Boy Smells Slow Burn ($39)

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