5 Ways Your Body Improves After A Month Without Alcohol

Whether it’s having a few too many at Friday night work drinks, or realising you’ve finished a bottle watching Netflix on the couch, it can be easy to get into a regular drinking routine. And you might be thinking, ‘what’s another glass of wine?’

But looking at the bigger picture and your long-term health, drinking alcohol can increase the risk of alcohol related illness and injury. This includes various types of cancer, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, mental health conditions and injuries (accidents and falls).

So, with Dry July kicking off, why not embrace a sober curious lifestyle that can help raise vital finds for people affected by cancer, while also bettering yourself in the process. We’re not saying go ‘all or nothing’ but taking some time off to reset and recalibrate your relationship with booze can lead to both short and long-term health benefits that future you will thank you for. Below, Jessica Spendlove outlines five ways your body improves after a month without alcohol. These include:

Weight loss

This is one of the most common benefits when you’re staying away from alcohol for a period as alcohol generally has more calories per gram than protein and carbohydrates. So, after a couple of weeks off drinking, you will start to see your clothes fitting better, especially around the waistline. Just make sure that when you’re taking a break from alcohol, you replace it with something else that is not high in calories!



Better quality of sleep

As alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle, drinking can affect the quality of your sleep, making you feel tired and run down the next day. After just one week without alcohol, you’ll see improvements in your sleeping patterns, and you’ll feel more energised.


Improved fitness performance and fast recovery

When you consume a lot of alcohol frequently it can impact your athletic performance, this can also be broken down into your hydration levels, motor skills and muscle recovery. Consuming alcohol after strenuous workouts can delay your recovery and further break down muscle fibres, when in fact post exercise you are wanting to support the damage and repair them. When you take a break from alcohol you will likely start to see improvements in your fitness performances and will recover quicker.



Clearer Skin

Alcohol dehydrates the skin, which causes cells to lose their plumpness and elasticity. This can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. Not drinking for a whole month and upping your intake in water to 2 litres a day, can ensure your skin stays hydrated and can allow you to have a clear, soft and smooth complexion.


Clearer mind

You will be able to think more clearly and focus on work tasks efficiently as your mind is more refreshed and ready to go!

Feel the benefits and sign up to Dry July at www.dryjuly.com and help make a difference for people affected by cancer.

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