Celeste Barber Is The Makeup Artist We All Need In Our Lives

If you own any makeup, you’ve likely taken to YouTube to learn just how to apply it and what certain products do. Our bathroom drawers and cabinets are overflowing with products, some barely used, others so firmly rooted in our daily routine that to run out without a replacement on hand is to feel naked, incomplete, somewhat vulnerable to the world before you. But as much as we like to think we’ve mastered bronzer, or can celebrate the fact we’ve whittled down the time to do a cat-eye to just an hour, there are some things we just can’t seem to get a grip on, no matter how hard we study the YouTube tutorials from the pros. 

It’s for this reason that Celeste Barber’s recent makeup tutorial is so refreshing. The comedian and MCoBeauty ambassador took to Instagram to do her sister’s makeup and delivered a tutorial that was as hilarious as it was relatable. 

The tutorial starts with Celeste explaining to her sister, Olivia, that she’s going to do her makeup, before proceeding to give her a few brisk slaps on the face. While we can’t say we’ve done this to ourselves, perhaps Celeste is onto something here – does it de-puff, boost circulation? Who knows. Whatever the case, we might be trying it in the future. 

The pair then proceed to use the Hydra-Glow Oil Free Foundation, giving Olivia a dewy glow with a lightweight finish. “Someone go and get a cup of tea for yourselves and come back for the finished product,” Celeste jokes to those watching. 

Following the use of concealer, Celeste then uses the Mega Balm All Over Ointment on the lips, before then taking her sister’s hand and slipping the product into her palm as she whispers quietly, “Take that, I reckon take that.”

Celeste then moves onto the brows and uses a pencil to fill them in and we have to say, in a world where women seem to be fixated on the brows and everyone can be hailed a “brow guru” simply for having some hair on their foreheads, Celeste’s no-fuss approach is something we stan. She even goes so far as to call the spool the “smooshy smiggle.”

Some comparing of jawlines then ensues before Celeste admits Olivia is four years older than herself. She recommends the XtendLash tubing mascara, telling audiences that it’s great because they create a ‘case’ around each lash that can easily pull off with water but won’t break down throughout the day. Turning to Olivia, she refers to this as ‘this thing where it socks off’.

Then comes a cheek and lip tint, imbuing a beautiful pinky hue. The sisters then play around with the camera, trying to push one another out of the shot as they compete for the title of Australia’s next beauty influencer, before Celeste retorts: “You sit there, I speak.”

The Celeste Barber Makeup Tutorial You Didn’t Know You Needed

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