Cheap antidepressant slashes risk of severe COVID-19 by a third in breakthrough study

Sajid Javid warns coronavirus pandemic 'is not over'

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Mass Covid vaccinations have managed to stem the rising tide of hospitalisations and deaths in the UK but the situation threatens to get increasingly precarious as new cases soar ahead of winter. That makes the new finding of a study conducted in Brazil all the more encouraging. A cheap antidepressant called Fluvoxamine — available on prescription in the UK under the name Faverin – slashed the risk of unvaccinated Covid-infected patients needing hospital care by almost a third.

This dramatic finding was the result of a trial involving over 740 people who tested positive within seven days and had underlying health conditions.

Patients were administered a daily course of two pills for 10 days.

Of those given the medication, 79 (10.6 per cent) required hospital care compared to 15.7 percent in the placebo group.

All told, the researchers said the cheap antidepressants slashed the risk of hospitalisation by 32 percent.

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