Cinnamon essential oil: Does cinnamon oil really plump your lips? Is it safe?

Doctor explains the health benefits of cinnamon

Lip fillers are all the rage, but most of us are looking for a cheap and needle-free way to get fuller lips. Cinnamon oil has emerged as a natural lip plumper, thanks to some investigative work by TikTokers. reveals whether cinnamon oil really plumps your lips.

Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts and the entire Kardashian family are just a few examples of celebs with full lips, and we all want to copy them.

There are hundreds of expensive lip plumping products on the market, but very few of them give us the results we’re looking for.

Apparently, cinnamon oil doubles the size of your lips – and it only costs about £2 per pot.

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TikTok user @mireyarios is one of the many people praising the oil as a “great lip plumper”.

She said: “All you do is apply a little bit on your fingertip and (rub it) on the lips.

“It’s gonna start tingling a little bit and then just apply lip gloss.”

If the sensation is too intense, you can copy @brittanyhm and mix it into a clear lipgloss.

She said: “I’m trying Vaseline Glossy Shot and my favourite lip plumping ingredient cinnamon oil.”

Brittany chose the Candy Floss version of the £5.99 Vaseline Lip Gloss and bought the cinnamon oil on Amazon for around £2.

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She poured some cinnamon oil into the lip gloss and mixed it around before applying the gloss onto her lips on camera.

Straight away, the TikToker said: “You can already see the difference. This doesn’t burn, tingle, sting or anything. Honestly, this cinnamon oil works a treat.”

The results speak for themselves, but how does the cinnamon oil work? Is it safe?

Does cinnamon oil really plump your lips?

Cinnamon oil does have a plumping effect on the lips, but this is because it actually irritates your lips.

The irritation causes blood to rush to the surface of your lips, which makes them look inflamed or puffy.

As long as you aren’t allergic to cinnamon oil, this should be safe to do and slight tingling is normal.

Before applying cinnamon oil to your lips, do a patch test on your hand to check for signs of burning or itchiness.

Before pouring cinnamon oil into your favourite lipgloss, try making a scrub.

Mix some cinnamon oil with a cheap sugar scrub and use it on your lips.

See if you like the effect before committing to making a cinnamon oil lip gloss with a more expensive product.

Make sure you only use up to five drops of the oil in a product – any more could be dangerous.

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