Covid-19 News: Overburdened Indian hospitals reject patients

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. Already, more than 7.2 million people globally have become infected with the novel Coronavirus – 185.457 of them in Germany. 400,000 people have already died of Covid-19.

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Overwhelmed Indian hospitals reject patients

India is now the country with the fourth-most Corona infections. The country’s health system breaks down under this new load, and many Indians complain of terrible conditions in their local hospitals.

A Concerned told the BBC, was that his wife, who was ill with the novel Virus, 13 hours of hospital hospital. A total of nine hospitals, the young woman who was eight months pregnant, was rejected. She died finally.

The grounds of the hospitals, why could the woman not take, were either that they were already fully utilised, or that you would pick out of fear of further dissemination, in principle, no Covid-19 patients.

Concerned relatives in lawsuits the government, that you are dealing with the Virus would have been haphazard and reckless, and as a result, many people have lost their lives and continue to lose.


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