Dr Amir shares two signs in the eyes that could signal health problems

Dr Amir reveals what eyes can reveal about our health

Your eyes don’t only provide clues when it comes to changes in your vision. In fact, the small organs could also alert you to some serious health problems.

“They are windows to the soul but they do tell us a lot about our health,” said Dr Amir Khan on ITV’s daytime show, Lorraine.

From high cholesterol to cancer, your eyes can hold visual clues that could help ring alarm bells.

White ring in the eyes

Dr Amir said: “For example, if you have developed a white ring around the outside of the coloured part of the eye, and you’re over 50, that could be just a normal part of ageing.

“But if you’re under 50 that could be a sign of high cholesterol and that’s worth getting checked out.”

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The doctor is describing Arcus senilis, which is a white, light grey, or blueish ring around the edge of the cornea. 

Triggered by a cholesterol build-up, Arcus senilis can make it seem like your iris contains two different colours.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology explains that the cornea is usually clear, meaning the colour of your iris can show through.

The health portal adds: “Arcus senilis usually begins as a short arc of colour along the top and bottom of the cornea. 

“Eventually these may connect and make a complete ring around the cornea.”

Yellow eyes

Another warning sign, pointing to something being wrong with your health, could be jaundice.

Dr Amir said: “If the whites of your eyes are starting to turn yellow that could be a sign of jaundice.

“[That] could indicate a problem with either your red blood cells, your liver, your pancreas or your gallbladder.”

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Worryingly, jaundice could be pointing to sinister health problems like pancreatic or liver cancer.

While the tint in your eyes doesn’t automatically mean that you have cancer, you need to see your doctor.

Dr Amir added: “You need to certainly get that checked out, regardless if you’ve got any other symptoms.”

Furthermore, the NHS explains that your eyes “rarely hurt” when something is wrong, which makes regular eye tests front and centre in order to detect potentially harmful problems.

The TV doctor also recommended paying regular visits to your optician as this can buy precious time to intervene.

Dr Amir added: “But, actually, what I say is don’t wait for symptoms. 

“We should all be going for routine eye checks with our opticians every two years.

“Not only can they correct our vision with glasses, if we need them, but they can check the backs of our eyes for things like signs of diabetes, high blood pressure, and raised pressure in the back of the eyes.”

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