Experts discuss the synergistic effects of acoustics-based therapy and cancer immunotherapy

Announcing a new article publication for BIO Integration journal. In this review the authors Yuheng Bao, Jifan Chen, Pintong Huang and Weijun Tong from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China discuss the synergistic effects of acoustics-based therapy and immunotherapy in cancer treatment.

Cancer immunotherapy to enhance the autogenous immune response to cancer tissue is reported to be a promising method for cancer treatment. After the release of damage-associated molecular patterns, dendritic cells mature and recruit activated T cells to induce immune response.

To trigger the release of cancer associated antigens, cancer acoustics-based therapy has various prominent advantages and has been reported in various research. In this article, the authors classify acoustics-based therapy into sonopyrolysis-, sonoporation-, and sonoluminescence-based therapy.

Detailed mechanisms of each therapy are discussed to demonstrate the status of cancer immunotherapy induced by acoustics-based therapy and to posit future research directions.


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Journal reference:

Yuheng, B., et al. (2021) Synergistic Effects of Acoustics-based Therapy and Immunotherapy in Cancer Treatment. BIO Integration.

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