High blood pressure and cholesterol: Two foods to add to your diet ‘help lower’ both

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Adding foods to your diet can help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. The two health problems are, in fact, linked.

High cholestreol causes high blood pressure. Cholesterol clogs the arteries, hardening and narrowing them.

This, in turn, caused the heart to work harded to circulate blood.

This makes the heart pressure abnormally highm which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes among other health problems.

Nutritionist Rosie Millen, an expert on health, wellness and stress, advised the best foods to eat to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Rosie, who works with probiotic supplement brand Bio Kult, advised adding fish to your diet.

The expert also recently detailed the best vitamins and supplements to take during autumn and winter, which are “great against viruses”.

She said: “Oily fish such as salmon will help to lower both.

“Studies suggest that the Omega 3 fatty acids help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.”

Omega 3 fatty acids are something the body needs to function and they also promote various healthy benefits.

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Other kinds of oily fish include sardines, anchovies, trout, tuna, mackerel and swordfish.

Omega 3 can lower triglyceride in the blood, high levels of which increase risk of heart disease and stroke.

Another food to add to your diet are dark greens, Rosie said.

She told Express.co.uk: “Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale are good sources of magnesium which dilates the blood vessel and enhancing nutrients transportation.”

Other foods that include good levels of magnesium are avocado, nuts, dark chocolate and tofu.

What is blood pressure?

High blood pressure is when the heart is working too hard to pump blood around the body. It is measured with two numbers, systolic pressure and diastolic pressure.

If your blood pressure reading is 140/90mmHg or higher your blood pressure is thought to be high.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty substance in the blood. It is caused by being overweight, eating fatty food and not exercising enough.

Vitamin D deficiency can cause symptoms like fatigue during the winter.

Dr Rupy explained what foods to eat to get vitamin D in your diet.

“The Government recommendation is for people to supplement during the winter months,” he said. “I mostly agree with that.”

Rosie Millen is a London-based nutritionist working with Bio-Kult.

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