How to sleep: Trataka for 45 minutes daily shown to enhance sleep quality – what is it?

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As mentioned, it is a form of meditation.

Some say it can be used to relieve mental health conditions, help with cognitive function, spiritual connectedness and falling asleep.

Astudy in 2020 of 29 people with insomnia found that doing for Trataka for 45 minutes a day for 10 days could reduce the severity of insomnia.

They also found it could enhance sleep quality.

Trataka has its origins as far back as the 15th Century.

Early mentions of it have been found in a Sanskrit manual from that century.

It was believed that this form of meditation could help cure diseases.

How does a person do Trataka meditation?

There are 10 steps.

The first is to find the optimal time of day.

The second is to find a dark, quiet space with no interruptions.

Thirdly, sit straight with the candle at eye-level.

The next step is to take a few deep breaths and settle into the intention.

At the same time, it is recommended to set a timer for a minute.

During this minute, follow the movements of the candle flame.

While doing this, observe the thoughts but don’t engage with them.

Try to make an effort to blink as little as possible, but don’t not blink.

It is also recommended to develop a sense that your eyes merge and become one eye; this will apparently invoke the intuitive third eye chakra.

The last step is to finish with gratitude and a commitment to return.

Alternative ways to fall sleep are noted on our infographic above.

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