Journalists Assess the Latest Covid Surge and the Nations Vaccination Effort

KHN freelancer Mark Kreidler discussed why professional athletes are not taking a more affirmative role in pushing covid vaccines on Newsy on Tuesday.

  • Click here to watch Kreidler on Newsy
  • Read Kreidler’s “Big Leagues Balk at Endorsing Vaccination“

KHN Midwest correspondent Cara Anthony discussed masking mandates, vaccine efficacy and breakthrough covid cases on Illinois Public Media’s “The 21st Show” on Monday.

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KHN chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner discussed the recent surge in covid cases on Axios’ “Axios Today” podcast and WAMU/NPR’s “1A” on Monday and July 30, respectively.

  • Click here to hear Rovner on “Axios Today“
  • Click here to hear Rovner on “1A“

KHN Montana correspondent Katheryn Houghton explored the phenomenon of folks visiting radon mines in Montana as a treatment for various ills on “Voices of Montana” on July 30.

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  • Read Houghton’s “Covid Renews Interest in Radiation, but Docs Caution Against Pilgrimages to Radon-Filled Mines”

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