Lockdowns, school closures may be one of 'greatest crimes of the 21st century': Siegel

Dr. Siegel says it’s ‘settled science’ that schools can reopen

Many parents are feeling more frustrated by the day as their children remain working from home rather than in school due to coronavirus restrictions. Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel told “Fox & Friends” Wednesday that the virtual learning environment is only causing more harm to students across the U.S. and that it’s time to follow the science. 

DR. MARC SIEGEL: “They say follow the science. I think they’re following it at a great distance because we knew this last spring. We knew this from studies out of Europe. 

We knew it over the summer that kids did not spread this, that they didn’t spread it to teachers, that they didn’t spread COVID-19 among themselves. We had a huge study out of Wisconsin months ago that showed that three feet of distancing works. All you have to do is open a window. You wear a mask. Three feet has been settle science already. 

Community spread when kids are at home is far greater than when kids are at school. I don’t know when they’re going to get around to making this policy. It should have been policy months ago. This may be one of the greatest crimes, by the way, of the 21st century, keeping kids home, keeping us locked down. 

A new study out of Michigan just out yesterday looking at a thousand parents said, hey, guess what? 50 percent of my teens are depressed or anxious. And two-thirds of them said there were huge socialization problems among my teens because they can’t communicate the way they’re used to.”

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