Machine Gun Kelly Has a 'Love-Hate Relationship' with His Rigorous Workouts, Says Trainer

Machine Gun Kelly is giving fans a glimpse of his gym routine.

In a new Men's Health feature, the "Bloody Valentine" singer, 30, walks through his fitness regimen, which includes four rounds of Spider-Man lunges with rotation, shoulder-tap push-ups and staggered stance squats.

Born Colson Baker, Machine Gun Kelly explained that he has "no desire to just be a muscly version of myself." But since  he needs to be in good shape for touring and other projects, he works out five days a week: two upper-body sessions, two lower-body sessions and one active recovery day.

His trainer Nic Shimonek said the artist has a "love-hate relationship" with the rigorous routines. "He hates a lot of things that we just have to grind through, but he loves what it does for his body," said Shimonek.

“When you physically feel good, mentally feel good, we want to play more,” Machine Gun Kelly said, explaining that being fit allows him to perform extended live sets.

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The rapper — who appears in the new Netflix film Project Power, out Friday — said he wants to "change the landscape" of how his body "looks over time." He admitted, "I’m not Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, but people should look at me and think, 'If this guy can get into the gym, I can too.' "

In a Men's Health video, the artist gave a close-up view of his workouts and talked about why he chooses to focus on his physical and mental strength.

"We're gonna train a little bit today. For those that are wondering if I even trained, fair enough, because this wasn't the case years ago," he said. "But a lot of years of doing a lot of stuff has led me to believe that I've gotta keep on living and I've got to get stronger."

"My performance onstage the last 10 years I think is unmatched outside of the greats: Prince, Michael Jackson, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana," said MGK. "I'm just trying to take it to the next level. … When you're climbing 60-foot metal scaffolding, arm strength and leg strength and mental strength matters."

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