Man fears long Covid has made penis shrink as it’s ‘half an inch smaller’

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many different issues for people all across the world.

However, one man has admitted he has one particular worry about the after-affects of Covid.

The guy took to Twitter to confess he fears long Covid has caused his penis to shrink.

Long covid is used to describe signs and symptoms that last for longer than four weeks after getting coronavirus.

Common symptoms of long Covid include tiredness, shortness of breath, insomnia, heart palpitations and depression and anxiety.

Long covid has been linked with a change in penis size by medical experts as of yet, but that didn't stop the man worrying.

He wrote in to popular Twitter account Fesshole about his fears as he claimed his penis has shrunk by half an inch.

The guy said he didn't know who to ask as he was worried his mates would 'take the p**s out of him'.

He wrote: "I've noticed my penis has shrunk about half an inch during the pandemic and I can't ask a mate as they'll inevitably find it hilarious and take the p**s.

"Not sure whether it's depression-related, being 45, long Covid or all of the above. Sh*ttin' it."

Other Twitter users were quick to give their advice, as many admitted they didn't think it would be a symptom of long Covid.

One wrote: "Increased cholesterol, increased weight/abdominal fat, poor circulation, these can all cause the symptom you're describing."

While another added: "At 45 a full health check is probably not a bad idea, you mention depression and at 45, especially if you’ve gained a bit of weight, your blood pressure might be affecting the fella."

A third chimed in: "Not sure it's on the long covid symptom list tbh…"

While a fourth added: "As you get older and fatter, it gets shorter."

In other penis size news, a doctor has revealed a telltale sign a man has a larger than average penis.

Dr Karan Rajan has explained how fingers can "predict" adult penis size because a shorter index finger than ring finger generally points to higher testosterone exposure in the womb.

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