Nearly half of Brits have never taken an STI test, according to study

More than half of all Brits say that they have never been tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

It’s recommended that all sexually active adults get tested once a year – especially if they have multiple sexual partners.

But a recent survey, Chemist4U found that 56% of Brits over the age of 16 say they have never been tested.

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Everyone knows the classic symptoms to watch out for when being concerned about an STI, whether it's a burning sensation or sores down there.

But not everyone will show the obvious symptoms, and some sexually transmitted diseases and infections may not show symptoms at all.

Following the showing results, experts addressed the lack of sexual health knowledge in the UK.

The study found that the general public also believed they could catch an STI through kissing, trying on underwear, sitting on toilet seats, swimming, or sharing drinks.

The experts say that while each STI is different, the likelihood of catching an infection through any of these methods is ‘highly unlikely’. Adding that it’s impossible to catch chlamydia this way.

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Previously they reported how a shocking 76% of Brits also admitted that if they tested positive they did not share that result with their sexual partners.

Though this figure has dropped significantly, the sexperts say there is a lingering stigma surrounding STIs.

Here are the common reasons people don’t share test results:



% agreed


Too embarrassed



Scared of their reaction



Had cheated on partner



Couldn’t get in touch with partner


James O’Loan, CEO and prescribing pharmacist at Chemist4U, says: “Our research has revealed that 13% of respondents have previously tested positive for sexually transmitted infections, yet only 7% of the public have tested in the last year.

“The number of positive results could be much higher if people were to view looking after their sexual health as routine as a dentist appointment or eye test.

“This has not only highlighted the need for better education on STIs and how to look after your sexual health, but also the problems that are caused by the stigma surrounding STIs."


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