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Planetary Health Diet: The “planet healthy” diet

Experts have created a meal plan that is designed to protect the health of the people and the earth alike. With the “planet healthy” diet to reduce the risk of disease, and up to ten billion people by the year 2050, provide.

Like the consumer advice centre of South Tyrol, writes on her website, the “planet healthy” diet (also: planetary nutrition, engl. Planetary Health Diet), a “recipe” for a sustainable global diet. This concept shows how demand creates just food for ten billion people and at the same time, the ecological limits of the planet can be maintained, so that both people and the earth stay healthy.

The concept relies on a predominantly plant-based diet


To achieve these goals, it is necessary, however, great changes, on our plates and in food production. Because currently, nutrition is one of the main causes of obesity (obesity) and many diseases of civilization.

The current global food production generates enormous amounts of climate-damaging greenhouse gases, causing environmental degradation, and threatened biological diversity.


“To Overcome these problems, the planet continues Aryan diet to a predominantly plant-based diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain products, legumes and nuts,” explains Silke Raffeiner, nutrition expert of the consumer advice centre of South Tyrol, “supplemented by moderate amounts of fish and seafood as well as poultry meat”, so Raffeiner.

“If you have more vegetable and less animal products on the plate, less space is required for the production of food, and emits less climate-damaging greenhouse gases,” explains the expert.

Consumption of animal products is significantly reduced

The consumer according to the consumption of red meat, dairy products, sugar, animal fats and starch-rich vegetables in this optimal diet is significantly reduced. So out – – everyone of the ten billion people consume on a daily basis to 2,500 kilocalories and all nutrients needed in sufficient quantity.

The data indicate that the concept is flexible, so it can be anywhere in the world to the local food culture adapted.

Other important requirements or changes related to the Greening of agriculture and the halving of food waste. The food production is to be sustainable, the land and water needs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and biological diversity.

Eleven million premature deaths prevent

As the Federal centre for nutrition (BZfE) explains, was developed the “Planetary Health Diet” by researchers at the EAT-Lancet end Commission. The experts estimate that this approach could prevent eleven million premature deaths due to food(with) – related diseases. (ad)

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