Omicron: The more ‘intense’ symptom appearing in unvaccinated patients – doctor’s advice

Covid: Dr Angelique Coetzee discusses symptoms

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The chair of the South African Medical Association Dr Angelique Coetzee shared another warning sign that could be signalling the new Covid variant called Omicron. She first spotted the new strain, believed to have originated in southern Africa.

Dr Coetzee has shared that one of the symptoms of the new variant is a headache.

She also informed the symptoms seem to be mild for many and the average person will recover after seven days.

However, this is not the case for unvaccinated patients as she noticed they experience the signs more intensely.

Speaking to the Sky News, she said: “Unvaccinated patients seem to experience the severity of the myalgia and headache more intense than our vaccinated patients.

“Vaccinated people even recover quicker than unvaccinated people,” she added.

Myalgia is another symptom linked to the new variant that seems to be more “intense” for patients without their jab.

Myalgia occurs when your muscles ache and are in pain, according to Hopkins Medicine.

Dr Coetzee described this as feeling of “sore” muscles.

The South African doctor listed these as the main symptoms of Omicron:

  • Sore muscles (myalgia)
  • Headache
  • Fatigue.

She noted that fatigue, which describes tiredness, lasts usually for a day or two.

Dr Coetzee said: “We ask people to get tested even if they wake up with a slight headache and are not feeling well. Please, come and let us double-check.”

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