‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Troian Bellisario Gave Birth To A Baby Girl In Her Car

  • Pretty Little Liars alum Troian Bellisario gave birth to her second child, daughter Elliot, in a car.
  • It happened in a hospital parking garage on May 15th.
  • Her husband, Suits alum Patrick J. Adams, delivered the baby.

You always hear those wild birth stories about women unexpectedly giving birth at home or on the way to the hospital and assume it’ll never happen to you. Well, it did to Pretty Little Liars alum Troian Bellisario—she gave birth to her daughter in a car.

Troian hinted that her daughter Elliot’s birth was a little different, writing on Instagram that she “joined us on May 15th under the wildest of circumstances.” But she opened up about the details of the birth experience on the Katie’s Crib podcast and wowzer, she was not exaggerating.


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According to Troian, her contractions were getting closer and closer together when she and her husband, Suits alum Patrick J. Adams, arrived at the hospital parking garage. “As soon as I hit the button and get the ticket, she’s screaming,” he shared. “I whip around, and by the time I turn my head around, Troian is fully on her hands and knees and we’ve gone nuclear.” Troian said she then “crapped my pants.”

Patrick flagged down a security guard, who didn’t take him seriously at first until he heard Troian’s “incredible howls.” The guard went to get help and Troian said she screamed, “‘Get my pants off! Pull my pants down!'”

“She is still on all fours, butt facing the windshield,” Patrick said. “Her butt’s at my head level, so I just go and pull down her pants, and [Elliot’s] head is right there.”

Apparently, Patrick was super calm about the whole thing—he said there was “no room for panic”—so he went ahead and delivered his daughter himself. The whole thing “took place in the span of about three minutes,” he said.

Patrick even said at one point that he checked Elliot’s umbilical cord to make sure it wasn’t wrapped around her neck, and then the baby came out into his arms with one more push.

“As soon as I turn her upside down, she starts crying and screaming,” he said. Troian, who said she was still on all fours, looked over her shoulder and saw her baby “wailing.”

“I was like, ‘She’s alive. She’s OK. She’s breathing,’” she said.

Patrick also teased Elliot’s wild delivery when he announced her birth on Instagram, writing, “Welcome to the funhouse, Ms. Elliot Rowena Adams. May your life be as unique and exciting as your arrival.”


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Congrats, Troian and Patrick! And whew.

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