Super-fit 73-year-old lifts weights and can do handstands

Lauren Bruzzone is proving without a shadow of a doubt that age really is nothing more than just a number,

The super-fit 73-year-old spends her free time lifting weights, performing planks and flipping upside down into handstands.

Lauren works out six times-a-week with her personal trainer Wesley James, and she can’t get enough of her regular fitness fix.

Maths professor Lauren, from Stamford, Connecticut, said that the trick to staying fit in old age is powering through the first few minutes of a workout.

She says: ‘It’s a matter of getting past that first five minutes – whether it’s getting out of bed or starting a workout.

‘Your mind tells you it’s going to be awful. Then you start doing it and you find out it really isn’t so bad.’

Lauren added that her rigorous exercise regime has given her freedom in her seventies. And mobility becomes more important than ever as you get older.

‘I can move freely. If I drop something, I can pick it up. I can get up out of a chair or take a walk,’ she explains.

‘These may not seem significant, but when you can’t do them, it matters.’

Videos of Lauren easily performing handstands beside Wesley show that she has no difficulty keeping up with her trainer, who is 41-years younger.

In another clip, Lauren switches between a plank and downward dog pose while balancing on top of a stack of weights.

Trainer Wesley, of Norwalk, Connecticut, is full of admiration for his elderly client and says that she is ‘dope’.

‘Lauren embodies every desirable quality that I could ever ask for in a client and friend,’ says Wesley.

‘I love her and she knows that I am her number one fan.

‘We have been working together for over a year and a half now and to watch her growth and willingness to make changes, especially at her age, is both humbling and rewarding.

‘I know that my workouts are pretty intense, yet she shows up to see me at least six days a week.

‘Lauren is just too dope.’

Wesley, who owns his own fitness company Basiq Fitness, hopes that Lauren will inspire more people to exercise later in life.

‘We just really wanted to show the world that anything is possible, at any age, if you truly believe,’ he adds.

‘So stop making excuses, trust in your abilities, and never give up.’

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