The 5 signs in your nails you have a vitamin deficiency – from white spots to grooves

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Got issues with your nails? You can probably point the finger at a vitamin deficiency. White spots, splitting, and grooves are just a few issues that lots of us face when it comes to our fingernails, but they’re easily solved with supplements. reveals the five signs in your nails you have a vitamin deficiency

White spots

You’ve probably heard that white spots on your nails mean you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, but this is wrong.

These ‘milk spots’ are actually down to a zinc or iron deficiency, but they could be a result of a simple bump or knock.

You can easily strengthen your nails and prevent white spots by treating the vitamin deficiency with supplements and using grapeseed oil or vitamin-E hand cream.


Noticed your nails splitting and cracking? You may have a deficiency.

One of the most common causes of splitting nails is iron deficiency.

However, you may also be deficient in any of the B vitamins or lacking protein in the diet.


Brittle nails can be down to too little moisture, too much washing your hands with soap, or overexposure to detergents and harsh nail products.

If your nails are brittle, they might be fragmented at the edges, crumbly, and have a yellowish tinge.

If it’s just your fingernails that are impacted, it’s probably an exterior problem.

It could also be caused by iron deficiency anaemia and this could impact the toenails too.


Pitted nails are the name for dimples and dents in the fingernails.

This is normally caused by an allergic reaction or a problem with the immune system.

However, it may also be caused by a vitamin D deficiency.


Grooves are a common problem in nails and they can run in different directions.

Longitudinal grooves, which run from the nail bed to the edge, can signal a vitamin B12 deficiency.

You can solve this with supplements and injections as well as using a thick hand cream.

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