What white marks on your fingernails mean – from deficiencies to allergies

Your hands could tell you a lot about your health.

Fiona Tuck, a nutritionist, explained that looking at your fingernails can show you if your body is “lacking in certain nutrients”.

The expert, who is based in Sydney, Australia, told Daily Mail white spots on your nails are one of the easiest warning signs to spot.

She revealed: “These will look like white, little spots or lines on the nail.

“If you're noticing these on all of the nails, it can be a sign of not getting enough zinc or calcium.”

Healthline and the NHS agree that leukonychia could be a sign of deficiencies.

As well as being a possible sign that your body is lacking in zinc and calcium, the NHS says it could point to “iron deficiency anaemia”

White marks on your nails can appear for other reasons too.

According to Healthline, an allergic reaction can cause the markings to appear.

Your body may react badly to nail polish, gloss, hardener or varnish remover – so if you believe this to be the case, stop using these products for a while to see if the spots disappear.

Leukonychia could also indicate you are battling a fungal infection.

Onychomycosis is a common fungus that can appear on fingers and toes.

Other indicators of this problem include flaky and brittle nails.

Brits should see a GP if they notice persistent problems or big changes to their fingernails.

For more information, visit the NHS website.

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