Why Doing Brain Exercises Is A Great Activity For Your Health

Your workout routine should include a healthy mix of cardio, strength training, and a quick HIIT (or high-intensity interval training) session for your brain. Research suggests that our brains peak a while after high school (between the ages of 16-25) and that we’re all headed for cognitive decline if we don’t start paying attention to mental fitness (via Recognition Health).

That means you’re going to process information slower, experience memory loss and brain fog faster than if you didn’t exercise your brain (via Brain Health Restoration). Dr Emer MacSweeney, a consultant neuroradiologist, tells Recognition Health, “Prevention is better than cure and the earlier you start employing lifestyle changes, the better for your brain.”

These lifestyle changes can involve physically working out regularly and eating foods rich in B-vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids (via Brain Health Restoration). However, adding brain exercises to your schedule can really make the biggest difference to your health. Read on to find a range of exercises.

Video games can be a part of your brain workout

According to Healthline, creating your brain workout doesn’t need to be a wearily long IQ test. Instead, focus on training exercises that help you slow down and boost your memory. A quick way to do that is to stop multitasking. A Stanford psychologist’s decade-long study showed that multitaskers tend to have reduced memory while another study, conducted by the University of London, revealed that it could also lower your IQ (via Forbes). Is the perceived productivity worth it?

Take that extra time and download Sudoku instead — or bring out that board game to make it a collective effort to boost your minds. Brain games are a great way to keep you sharp and boost your ability to learn new tasks (via Healthline). Good news — that includes fast-paced video games, too. Another great way to increase your memory and recall power is by actually getting to your reading list (via The Best Brain Possible). If you learn through your phone, you could also check out TikToker Josh McCartney, a memory coach who makes videos on memory games and tips. Your brain gym isn’t too far off from completion.

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