Yoga for mindfulness: Try this 10-minute workout to feel great in body and soul

The benefits of exercise for your physical health are well documented, and more of us are waking up to the positive effects on our mental wellbeing too.

This quick yoga routine helps you reap both the physical and mental rewards in just ten minutes.

All you need is a little bit of space, a yoga mat or a blanket, and a yoga block or a cushion to add some height to your postures.

Yoga instructor Taylor Selby from hero Training Clubs – the UK’s first mental health gym – has shared this easy-to-follow yoga for mindfulness routine to help you feel great in mind and body this weekend.

By focussing on specific breathing exercises and a few physical movements, we become more mindful and in tune to the present moment.

‘Bringing awareness to the breath is one of the best ways to practice mindfulness as it requires our full attention,’ she explains.

‘This particular breathing exercise brings balance into the body as we are creating a steadiness through our breathing which translates into steadying the mind as well.’

‘Allowing each inhale and exhale to correspond to different physical actions brings our attention and focus into the present moment.’

In this session, breathe in for a count of four, try to hold your breath for four, exhale for four and then pause again for another four counts – this is known as a box breath.

Taylor’s workout is all about connecting your breath to your movements.

Taylor says: ‘My top tip for our first movement pattern, cat and cow, is to try to elongate each inhale and exhale.

‘As you breathe in, try to draw the breath all the way to the top of the lungs as you arch your spine, and as you breathe out, exhale out completely until you are empty as you round and cave the spine.

‘Focus on timing each movement to finish at the end of each breath so you truly create that body breath connection.’

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