Ant & Christina Anstead Won't Be Co-Parenting This Christmas

No two co-parented holidays look alike, that’s for sure. Some parents switch off weeks with the kids, some skip the holidays entirely, and some get the whole gang back together to celebrate as one big blended family. Niecy Nash, for example, recently told SheKnows that she plans to spend her co-parented Christmas with her kids, her new wife, and her ex husband: “The ex, the next, all the kids, we’ll all be in it together!” she told me.

As for another set of recently split celeb parents, Ant and Christina Anstead, it seems they won’t be following in Nash’s footsteps and reuniting for the holidays. The Ansteads announced their split in September; the pair share a 1-year-old son, Hudson, and also have two older kids each from previous relationships (Ant shares Amelie and Archie with Louise Herbert and Christina shares Brayden and Taylor with Tarek El Moussa). Yet despite the parents’ commitment to joint custody and peaceful co-parenting, they won’t be spending the holidays together this year. Instead, Ant is heading back to his home country, the U.K., to celebrate with his two teens.

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“Unfortunately, Amelie and Archie don’t have any residential status, so they’re not actually allowed to enter the U.S.,” Ant told People this week of his decision to visit his kids since they can’t visit him. He added that it’s been “incredibly frustrating” to be away from them.

Ant will, however, still be spending quality time with his youngest, Hudson, this month. “I’m going to spend some time with Hudson leading up to Christmas,” he told People. “I am incredibly lucky.”

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Also lucky is the fact that he communicates a ton with both of his exes — a model of functional co-parenting that many of us divorced parents (hi) can only dream about.

“My ex Louise and I, we have a great relationship, we’re still very, very close friends,” Ant explained to the publication. “I always team up with her, and then we always surprise the kids,” he laughed.

Unfortunately, the element of surprise has to be put on the back-burner this year (you know, due to COVID testing and quarantine and all) but it’s so important that Ant is making time for all his kids his holiday season — not just the one that’s easy to visit.

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