George Clooney Says His Twin Children's Personalities Are 'Night & Day'

George Clooney has gotten candid before about his emotional decision to have kids with wife Amal, and has revealed hilarious anecdotes about the ways his children have pranked him. He’s even discussed his reasoning behind giving their kids traditional names. The father of two shared a little bit more about his twin children, 4-year-old son Alexander and daughter Ella, and opened up about their extremely different personalities. 

In a Dec. 3 interview with The Guardian, Clooney promoted a new film he directed, The Tender Bar. When the topic of his children came up, the actor and director was quick to point out something he noticed about his twins. “Ours are so different; it’s like night and day,” Clooney told The Guardian. “Alexander loves to laugh and Ella’s very serious, always making sure everybody plays by the rules. They really are born with their personalities!” 

A former nanny of the Clooney’s, Connie Simpson, vouched for the twin siblings’ own unique characteristics in a 2018 interview with People — even at the infancy age. “It was really funny because the little girl was such the essence of her mother and the little boy is the essence of his dad,” Simpson told People. “It just kind of grew … you could see it manifesting every day that you were with them. The look that George has in his movies, his son was showing that too and I just thought that was the cutest thing.”

Clooney might be private when it comes to sharing photos, videos or intimate details of his twins, but it’s neat to hear the blossoming personalities of Ella and Alexander. 

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