Olivia Munn & John Mulaney’s Toddler Malcolm Is a Style Icon in a Tiny Corduroy Blazer

When it comes to fashion, 17-month-old Malcolm Hiệp Mulaney ate and left no crumbs in new photos posted by his dad John Mulaney. The toddler is a style icon walking side-by-side with his comedian dad, and we are obsessed.

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Olivia Munn’s Sweet Selfie With Baby Malcolm Reminds Us We’re All Just Doing Our Best

In the first photo, Malcolm, who Mulaney shares with Olivia Munn, dons a white button-down shirt with navy blue pants, paired with bright blue tennis shoes. He completes the adorable ensemble with a tiny brown corduroy jacket. It’s unbuttoned as he purposely walks right in front of his dad.


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Slide to see a view from behind, as Malcolm once again walks with a strut. One arm is in front of him and the other is out to the side, where you can see that his jacket has an elbow patch (!!) and tiny buttons on the sleeve. (It’s called fashion, OK?)

“Someone’s got an appointment with Global Entry,” the comedian captioned the photos on Instagram. His little boy is all grown up and on a mission like a total boss baby.

  • Everyone Is Obsessed with Malcolm

    Image Credit: MEGA/GC Images

    The comments started flowing immediately because no one could get enough of Malcolm. 

    David Spade wrote, “Solid coat game.” 

    Munn joked, “Malcolm looks like Logan Roy and you look like Tom.” 

    “HE WALKING LIKE HE OWNS THE PLACE,” one person pointed out, and they aren’t wrong. 

    “He literally walking like he has toddler business to attend to he’s so funny,” another said. 

    Another said, “Why is your child dressed better than 90% of the grown men at my university.” Some questions just don’t have answers. 

  • Malcolm Also Knows How to ‘Relax’

    Image Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Global Citizen VAX LIVE

    Last week, Mulaney taught Malcolm a new trick: how to chill out. 

    “His dad taught him ‘relax,’” the Hit-Monkey actress captioned a video on Instagram. Malcolm is dressed in a matching cream shirt and pants rolled up, and he’s buckled in his car seat. 

    “Malcolm, can you relax?” Munn asks her son in the video. Then he lifts both his arms up and puts his hands behind his head in a classic relaxed pose. “Relax, yeah!” Mulaney praises him. 

    “Yeah!” Malcolm responds. He’s such a little grown-up!

  • John Mulaney Used to Carry a Briefcase to School

    Image Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

    Malcolm already looks like a little man, and that’s something he gets from his dad. 

    Mulaney told Conan O’Brien in 2019 that he was an “off-putting, strange child.” “I carried a briefcase that same year at school,” he recalled about being 11 years old.

    He added, “I was in a sheltered enough environment where it was OK. I would put my briefcase up on my desk and then open it and take out my homework. It was very odd. And I would put shaving cream on my face like a man would shave, but then I would just wipe it off.”

    Maybe he’ll get Malcolm a little briefcase for his 2nd birthday to go with his adorable jacket! 

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