Parents Swear by This 100% Natural ‘Miracle in a Jar' For Baby Eczema, Rashes, & More

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There’s a lot to love about babies: their chunky little thighs and teeny-tiny toes, their silky wisps of hair, and that soft, smooth, delicate skin. But what we don’t love are the variety of things that can take that beautiful skin from unblemished and perfect to raw and rashy. Whether it’s baby eczema, diaper rash, cradle cap, chapping, or chafing, there are a multitude of itchy and irritating conditions that make their sensitive skin angry — and babies uncomfortable and cranky.

Fortunately, most baby skin problems aren’t serious, and easily treatable at home; it’s a matter of both sealing in the skin’s natural moisture to prevent dryness and irritation, and creating a shield against outside moisture (as in the case of diaper rash). What you need is a rich balm full of skin-nourishing ingredients that can restore the skin barrier while protecting from irritants and holding vital moisture in. Oh, and for babies’ sensitive skin, the balm should be 100% natural, containing no perfumes, preservatives, parabens or other synthetics.

“Baby skin is highly absorbent so it’s critical to use fragrance-free, hypo-allergenic products,” advises John Hopkins Children’s Center and dermatologist Kate Püttgen. “Avoid perfumes and dyes, which can seriously irritate newborn skin.”

If this all sounds like a tall order for one simple jar of skin cream, think again — because UK cult-favorite Balmonds Skin Salvation Balm is all that (plus sustainably produced and cruelty-free!), which is why parents call it “a miracle in a jar.” Now available here in the States, its gentle, all-natural formula contains soothing and protective ingredients such as beeswax, hempseed oil, chamomile, and calendula, which are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and help soothe skin while healing it. The balm is completely free of fragrance, parabens, phthalates, heavy metals, petrochemicals, lanolin, soy, and coconut, so it’s safe for pregnant women, babies from six weeks of age, toddlers, kids, and adults.

“This product is amazing, and I am not exaggerating! My baby was really suffering with eczema on her face! I would be up with her all night applying cool cloths and creams, and her skin seemed like it was healing, then she would break out again,” raves one parent. “After applying this product just once (overnight) I saw a difference. I have been using it for about a week now and her skin is nearly completely healed with no new breakouts!”

“I started seeing almost instant results. My son has quite bad eczema and it’s cleared up without having to use a steroid cream. Looked and felt better after 2 applications. Will definitely be repurchasing. I’ve also been using it on my dry skin, honestly a miracle cream,” says another.

Reviewers say that Skin Salvation Balm is not only fabulous at treating baby eczema and diaper rash, but it’s perfect for all kinds of things, for all ages: from chapped lips and winter cheeks to tattoo aftercare, cracked heels to dry hands from excessive washing. Really, it seems like there isn’t much this “miracle cream” can’t do. It’ll keep our babies comfortable and their skin healthy and soften our crusty elbows and heels? Excuse us while we stockpile some jars.

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