Stassi Schroeder Definitely Didn't Mean to Name Her Daughter After a #MeToo'd TV Host

Vanderpump Rules alum Stassi Schroeder and husband Beau Clark welcomed a baby girl on Thursday, and we can finally find out how anyone can top Stassi and Beau as baby names. Their choice turned out to be pretty interesting on several levels.

Hartford Charlie Rose Clark was born on Thursday, a rep confirmed to People. It’s a very stately sounding name, and we love how it defies gender expectations.

Hartford is an Old English name that’s usually used for boys (for no particular reason). It means “stag’s river crossing,” which certainly puts a picture in your head. The couple did not give a reason behind choosing it.

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We do know, however, that the names Charlie and Rose are not meant in honor of the former CBS and PBS TV talk-show personality who was fired following several sexual harassment allegations in 2017. Rather, those are the names of Clark’s father and Schroeder’s grandmother, who must be pretty important people for the couple to brave the comparison.

Baby Hartford’s arrival is truly making this a better year for Schroeder than 2020, which was a mixed bag for her. Though that was the year she got pregnant and married Clark, it was also when she was fired from Vanderpump Rules following an incident in which she and Kristen Doute called the cops and falsely accused Black castmate Faith Stowers of a crime as revenge for a cheating scandal.

In October, Stassi revealed that a scan showed her daughter had a small hole in her heart, which sounds super scary, though doctors later told her it would probably heal on its own.  From their latest statement, it sounds like everything’s turned out OK for Hartford and her parents.

“We truly cannot begin to describe the happiness and joy we are feeling at this moment,” Clark and Schroeder told People. “It’s something that you hear from all new parents right after birth, but something magical happens. We are feeling so blessed and grateful to have a beautiful and most importantly, healthy baby girl.”

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