101-Year-old woman survives Covid disease and has now survived two pandemics

Angelina Friedman has survived cancer, miscarriages, internal bleeding, blood poisoning, and now not one, but two pandemics. So, the news channel CNN reported, among other things. Also your old-age home in Mohegan Lake in New York state is celebrating, via Facebook, that the 101-year-old lady had survived a Covid-19-disease.

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According to the Reports, the woman, in 1918, came on a ship that brought migrants from Italy to New York City, in the middle of it so, during the Spanish influenza raged, and in the years 1918 to 1920 worldwide, around 50 million people killed. Her mother died at her birth, her two sisters took care of the little Baby, until, when they met in New York her father again. It was reported in CNN. Of eleven siblings, she was the last Survivor.

The station spoke with the daughter of Friedman, who reported that her mother had always been a fighter. “She and my father had at the same time cancer. You survived. He’s not.”

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Her mother had “superhuman DNA”

At the time, as a newborn, you will probably be have been infected with the flu virus, according to Reports. Now, however, they got safely to the Sars-CoV-2-pathogens and diseased to Covid-19. You had to because of a surgery to the hospital and there are probably infected. For several weeks you’ve been struggling with a fever, before they on 20. April finally tested negative had been. “She’s not human, she has superhuman DNA,” quoted her daughter to CNN.

The head of the institution, the North Westchester Restorative Therapy & Nursing Center, told CNN that the old lady was already so agile as before their illness. “It also shows that there is hope that you can overcome this disease even with 101 years”, said the Boss.

Sources: Facebook / CNN / New York Post

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