Bill Gates: I don’t understand why people don’t wear masks

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world. With his Foundation, he invested a lot of money in the development of a Corona-vaccine – this fact alone is enough that the Tech billionaire will for months the target of hate campaigns. Critics accuse him of, he used Corona to make a lot of money and get the health systems of this world under control. Some even suspect that he even put behind the Virus, and want to use the vaccination to implant people with Chips, they can be permanently monitored.

“It is annoying to have to wear a mask”

However, all of the defamatory articles and statements do not hold Gates are to report again and again word. In an interview with the American Portal “Fast Company” said the Tech-billionaire again about how they could combat the spread of the Coronavirus in the United States.


The race to the Corona vaccine: Who gets it first?

One of the most important everyday instruments to stem the pandemic, was the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection. This will be politicized in the United States, however increasingly. That people refuse to wear a mask, can not understand, the 64-Year-old: “It is difficult to understand why people wear a mask, because it is not a nuisance,” says Gates. “It is not to infect expensive, and it will still see some people as a limitation of their freedom, despite the risk to other people.”

Conspiracy myths are “scary”

The conspiracy myths, the gain in the Wake of the Corona-crisis on travel, according to Gates, “scary”. He feared that sometimes targeted for disinformation contributing articles have a share of it, that the Wearing is rejected by masks. Especially social networks could do from his point of view more to curb “crazy ideas”. A similar rejection could be the case, it should be ready in the near future, a vaccine. This could be 2021 so far, believes Gates. His advice is simple: “You should turn to in such times, rather the facts.”

Source: “Fast Company”

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