Federal Institute warns that More Vibrio infections is expected in the summer on the Baltic sea

In the coming years, the number of summer Vibrios could increase infections, in particular, on the Baltic coast. Reason Institute for risk assessment (BfR) rising water temperatures around the seas and in river estuaries, in the context of global warming, according to the Federal government. They facilitate the salt-tolerant bacteria the spread.

“Vibrios proliferate at water temperatures of 20 degrees more,” said Eckhard Strauch, head of the consultant office for Vibrios of the BfR. Particularly in the Baltic sea, the far more cooling could increase the risk. Due to longer heat periods, the water temperature could climb in the future, more often about 20 degrees, so that the conditions for Vibrios improved.


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Vibrios widely used especially in the Baltic sea

Add to this that the salt concentration in the Baltic sea was moderate. “Just for the two Vibrio species that cause particular problems, Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio cholerae non-O1, are the conditions here,” said Bush. Vibrios are widespread in the entire Baltic sea coast to the Baltic room. Also on the North sea coast about the mouths of rivers they occur.

In recent years, the number of well – known diseases in Germany was, according to the shrub or low two-digit range. How many people will become infected this year, depends on the weather. According to the world meteorological organization (WMO) with a view to the first months of the year could bring in new temperature records. The Organisation is holding a further heat of summer in the Northern hemisphere is possible.

Risk for people with weakened immune system

Young and healthy adults are diagnosed according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), only rarely to a Vibrio infection. Dangerous the bacteria are, therefore, especially for the elderly and people with weakened immune system. People with pre-existing conditions such as Diabetes, liver disease or cancer have an increased risk for a disease and a severe course of the disease.

Infrequently, in the past few years, to a number of deaths. Vibrios can cause severe wound infections, symptoms are about a strong local pain, fever, and chills. Who eats with Vibrio contaminated seafood, raw or only slightly cooked, or contaminated sea water swallows, may bring on gastrointestinal disease. Be treated the infection is usually with antibiotics.

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