Lockdown in the district of Gütersloh: The to now comes to the population

For the first time since the beginning of the corona crisis, a single County in the Federal Republic of Germany is treated in a so-called Lockdown back. In the district of Gütersloh in East Westphalia, extensive restrictions of public life, come into force immediately. The North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) announced at a press conference.

The star summarizes the statements laschet’s and answers the most important questions to the “Lockdown”.

Why is there a new “Lockdown”?

Laschet spoke of the “largest individual infection events in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany” in the Region. The background of the mass outbreak of the Coronavirus in the workforce of the Tönnies-slaughterhouse in Rheda is-Wiedenbrück.

Several hundred police, Prime Minister, Armin Laschet in the district of Gütersloh on the spot, according to NRW, the re-restrictions of public life in accordance with the Coronavirus outbreak in a Tönnies slaughterhouse to enforce

According to the Prime Minister in the context of 6140 people have been tested for an infection, in 1553, the Test was positive, it would add some in the family environment of the Tönnies-employees. Without the workers in the slaughterhouse, the number of Infected lying in the district of Gütersloh in the case of 24.

Although it is a local meat factory narrow-resistant Infections, said Laschet, however, have the government forced to Act, because there is a “huge pandemic risk” – favored by the “internationality” of Tönnies-the workforce and the dispersion of the residential locations of affected people.

Coronavirus outbreak in the slaughterhouse

Tönnies in sharp criticism: "In this environment, it is frowned upon to downright sick werden"

The Coronavirus outbreak in a Tönnies slaughterhouse in Rheda-Wiedenbrück raises more questions. How are the hygiene measures in the operation? How did the people there? Trade unionists raise serious allegations against the responsible parties.

What is the purpose of the Lockdown?

It is an endeavour to bring the infection to happen in the Region “under control”, said Laschet. The Situation in the circle should be reassured, while expanding the Tests in the population.

How to run the Coronavirus Tests in the Region?

The test of Tönnies-employees and their dependants had already been on the weekend to complete. “We have since Sunday a complete picture of the situation”, said Laschet, with a view to the slaughterhouse. Now it is necessary to determine “whether the employees of Tönnies, in addition to the population of the Virus already is widespread or not,” said the Prime Minister. “The can say to the Minute, no one.”

The Coronavirus-Tests will be extended Laschet, according to clear: All residents of care homes in the district of Gütersloh are to be tested in the coming days. This also applies to all employees of the meat industry in the whole of NRW. In addition, all of the citizens of the County have “the opportunity to volunteer and try it for free”. It will also be made on a representative test of the population, “in order to get a real picture of the situation”, said Laschet.

What are the rules now in the district of Gütersloh?

The first stage of the lock downs was already on the 17. June has been put in place as the closure of day-care centres and schools, has arranged for 50,000 children and young people.

In Essence, should now take further measures, which are already out of the March known, announced Laschet and called the Central points:

The police had several hundred properties in the district of Gütersloh on the spot to enforce the rules and to help with the testing, it was said at the press conference.

How to secure the medical care?

“We will hold seats, even in adjacent districts,” promised Laschet, if there are an increased number of people to be treated in the hospital or even in intensive care. Cause for concern does not exist.

Are affected other regions?

Laschet, according to numerous Tönnies employees in the neighboring County were infected village. There, the limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants would have been exceeded in the past seven days. Therefore, there fixed the rules to be strengthened, in particular in the municipalities of Oelde, Beckum and Reno, NV. Details will be announced on Tuesday afternoon. The state government of NRW is also in an exchange with those of the adjacent lower Saxony. A “Lockdown” was not there in the past, so Laschet.

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How long the “Lockdown”applies?

So far, the plans of the government of the new rules for seven days, so up to 30. To June, apply. “We can then see more clearly how the facts of the situation. Therefore, we want to lead this calm condition”, said Laschet. He promised: “We will take back the measures as soon as possible, if we have certainty about the Infection.” It was a “prophylactic measure.” However, the “Lockdown could be extended” or the state government to stricter measures. “We need to continue to monitor the situation.” Should be no significant spread of the Coronavirus in the population that is not employed by Tönnies, find, be a the end of the “lock downs” are possible.

How well does it travel?

There are no travel restrictions with a view to the weekend, the beginning of the summer holidays in NRW apply Laschet, according to. The people entering the circle Gütersloh, had the note now rules. Anyone who travels out of the circle, must keep to the rules at the destination. There is “absolutely no reason”, travelers from the district of Gütersloh to dismiss. The population of the circle should not be stigmatized. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister appealed to the people to leave the district of Gütersloh, if possible, to be more precise, Laschet has not been on the topic of travel.

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