Lungs from Covid-19 patient was hard as a rock

You can see in the Video: lung of Covid-19 patient was “hard as stone”.

A Covid-19 patient in South Korea has survived a complicated lung transplantation. At the age of Fifty, was already noted in February, the Corona-infection. She was referred to the hospital because the disease had caused severe damage in their lungs. Sixteen weeks, she was connected to life-support measures, that your blood with additional oxygen supplied. However, all treatments, steroids, or medications that are actually against Malaria or HIV-patients, were not able to stop progressive fibrosis, the scarring of tissue, is complicated by the Breathing. Then the Doctors opted for a procedure that has been used globally, so far, in only nine cases: the Transplantation of both lungs. Then the Doctors said her lung was hard as a rock. The nurses of the hospital said the mother of two would have had the sake of an exceptionally strong Survival that have helped her persevere.