Sweden’s top-pandemic-fighter regret the loose exceptionalism

Sweden’s state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has shown for the first time, self-critically about the Swedish exceptionalism in the Corona-crisis. Sweden should have been from the beginning more measures in the fight against the spread of the Coronavirus take, said Tegnell in an Interview with Swedish Radio. “I think there is certainly potential for improvement in what we have done in Sweden, of course. And it would have been good if you had known more precisely, what are you supposed to close to prevent the spread of Infection better.” To many Swedes were to have died early.

“Right away today would be another”


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You would come across with the current state of knowledge on the same disease, would be the right way, in his view, between the Swedish and the, and the Rest of the world have embarked on, said Tegnell. What are the arrangements in other countries had shown the greatest effect against the Coronavirus pandemic, one could say, however, difficult, since these States have taken many measures at the same time.

Tegnell is a leader behind the Swedish strategy against the pandemic. The Scandinavian EU country had clearly taken in more liberal measures than, for example, Germany or the Rest of Europe. Schools, Restaurants, or shops, for example, were never closed, the ban on public Assembly is located at a maximum of 50 participants, a ban on entry applies only to people outside of the EU and the European free trade zone.

Hans-Ulrich Jörges

Herd journalism – why many of the media have lost people the critical distance to the pandemic policy

Many in the country were the names of the path well after the criticism grew, however, especially because the infection and death figures per inhabitant in Sweden compared to the rest of Scandinavia are high. So far died in the country with more than ten million inhabitants, almost 4500 people, with a Corona of infection, there have been around 39,000 positive Corona cases.

Sweden’s head of government Stefan Löfven wants to convene in the coming weeks, a Commission to assess the actions of Sweden in the fight against the Virus. Here, the key is to find successes, but also errors. The Opposition had called for such a Commission.

High Per-Capita Death Rate

The “mirror” had been shown in a data analysis recently that the Per capita mortality rate of 41 deaths on 100,000 inhabitants, is four Times as high as in Germany, the economic damage will be in the comparison but are only marginally lower ().

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